Sunday, November 29, 2015

Census Sunday: 1800 half page "missing" from New Windsor, New York

Jean M. Hoffman, CG

The town of New Windsor in Orange County, New York, was home to my ancestor Moses Nichols from 1798. His brother Samuel Nichols also lived there as did neighbors David Wright and John Wright. The four of them and other neighbors were enumerated on the bottom half of a census page the top of which contains the last names in the town of Newburgh.

Indexes at all five of the online sites* I tried show these men as being in Newburgh. The browse function does not return the page for New Windsor. I did enter alternate residence data for those four men at, but they might still appear "missing" to other researchers. Here's the page:
1800 U.S. census, Orange County, New York, New Windsor [mis-indexed as Newburgh], p. 284, line 11286 for John Wright and 11287 for David Wright, line 11296 for Samuel Nichols and line 11297 for Moses Nichols; digital images, ( : accessed 17 August 2009); citing NARA M32, roll 21.

*Sites consulted:, FamilySearch, MyHeritage, NEHGS American Ancestors, and HeritageQuest (but HQ is now just Ancestry index and images.)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

More Wright Family of New Windsor, New York

Jean M. Hoffman, CG

The father of Mary, second wife of Moses Nichols of New Windsor, Orange County, New York, could be the David Wright of whom I've written. [1] Looking for evidence of a connection requires examining more of the records from David Wright and his associates.

Two accounts emerge from descendants of different alleged sons.

  1. Three related DAR applications claim patriot ancestor David Wright of New Windsor who served in the Second Ulster Regiment. Their descent is through a son Benjamin who allegedly died in 1820 and his wife Jane Gregg. The applications state that David died in 1833 in New Windsor. Benjamin was born about 1774, his mother wife #2, Margaret Woodhull. The record copy of the last application refers to family records, but there appear to be no supporting documents filed with it. [2]
  2. Descendants of a son John wrote up research results. They are reflected in a 1987 compilation. [3] The compiler has provided me with a copy of the 14-page typescript Francis Wright and Maude E. (White) Cleghorn produced. They indicate David Wright of New Windsor was from Hempstead, then Queens County, on Long Island. Census records for David in New Windsor in 1800, 1810, and 1830 were not located somehow, just 1790 and 1820. One conclusion was that David moved after 1823 to live with a son, Nathaniel, in Warwick, another town in Orange County. Conversely, on another page is the suggestion that Nathaniel returned to New Windsor to care for his elderly parent. The latter could be correct, but David Wright, age 80 through 89, has a household of himself and a female not quite as old, age sixty through sixty-nine, and no others in 1830. [4]

An important document referenced in #2 above is a deed from David Wright, carpenter, and his wife Mary of New Windsor in 1783 selling land in Hempstead to Nathaniel and Samuel Wright of Hempstead. One of the witnesses was a Benjamin Wright. The deed was recorded in 1799. I need to find a copy of this deed! The 1785 will of this Nathaniel Wright refers to a brother David Wright. [5]

Missing in any of this research or my own had been records of purchases of land in New Windsor or distribution of it following David's death. Because New Windsor was transferred to Orange County from Ulster County in 1798, I checked deeds in Ulster County. Two pertinent deeds were recorded there.

In 1774 Benjamin Wright, a house carpenter of Hempstead, Long Island, purchased two parcels in New Windsor from Reuben Weed and his wife Martha. The deed was recorded at the request of Mr. Benjamin Wright in 1787. [6]

In 1791, seventeen years later, David Wright and his wife Mary sold to John Wright, all of New Windsor, one of the parcels and part of the other purchased in 1774 by Benjamin Wright. The deed provides no insight on David's acquisition of title to the land. [7] A common reason for an unrecorded transfer is inheritance. Could David be a son of Benjamin? If so, what relation is John Wright?

Records in Hempstead, especially the eight-volume published town records, show several generations of Wrights in that location. [8] More research here might be worthwhile and David Wright's 1783 deed is needed. I have created a timeline for all Wright surname events I've found connected to New Windsor. One for Hempstead may be needed as well.

Still, this sheds no new light on the disposition of David's land after his death. Orange County deed indexes need to be followed further into the 1800s in hopes of finding a link to his heirs.


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