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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - My "American Pie" Chart

Tonight Randy Seaver has posed a Saturday Night Genealogy Fun (SNGF) challenge to post data on our 16 great-great grandparents, their places of birth and death. As an added feature he's giving a link to a website to create a chart of their birthplaces.

Chris Staats accepted the challenge but claimed they were born in a small area of Ohio and Pennsylvania and that he was a "Mutt". He even went to his 32 third great grandparents to get a slightly more diverse chart.

I don't have much more variety. Half of my 16 lived at least part of their lives in Ohio and the other half in Kentucky. The label I claim though is that I am an all around American. Thus my pie chart is my "American Pie." I was raised to be proud of the fact that many of my ancestors were Scots-Irish and many really were. Others came from England, German states and a few other parts of Europe. They apparently arrived in America between 1620 and 1807, so they were at least a bit diverse. Here are the names of my Great-greats:

16. Samuel McClintock was probably born in Virginia, but possibly in Kentucky, about 1794. He died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky, 14 July 1827. He married Elizabeth Waits 19 August 1825 in Harrison County, Kentucky.

17. Elizabeth Waits was born 16 October 1802 in Harrison County, Kentucky. She died 19 June 1887 in Kentucky, possibly in Woodford County. She married second Edmund Martin 13 December 1833 in Harrison County, Kentucky.

18. Thomas Scott was born 22 December 1810 in Kentucky. He died 19 June 1844 in Harrison County, Kentucky. He married Elizabeth McShane 22 December 1840 in Harrison County.

19. Elizabeth McShane was born in Harrison County, Kentucky, 2 October 1823. She died there 16 October 1907. She married second Caleb Whaley 5 February 1846.

20. Charles Nichols was born 3 April 1817 in New Windsor, Orange County, New York. He died in Georgetown, Scott County, Kentucky, 2 November 1862. He married Nancy Boyd Eckles in Scott County 12 March 1840.

21. Nancy Boyd Eckles was born in Scott or Fayette county, Kentucky, in 1819. She died in Scott County, Kentucky, buried 2 May 1888 in the Georgetown Cemetery.

22. William Loftus Lightburne, Sr. was born 4 June 1820 in Scott County, Kentucky. He died there 5 March 1890. He married first Eliza Jane Tarlton 12 October 1843 in Scott County. He married second Mrs. Mattie (Triplett) Smith in 1866.

23. Eliza Jane Tarlton was born 18 January 1828 in Scott County, Kentucky and died there 20 August 1864.

24. Isaac Lyle was born 10 April 1830 in Elizabeth Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. He died near Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, California 29 September 1911. He married first Elizabeth Jane Reynolds in Gallia County, Ohio, 26 January 1857. He married second Susan Harrod 7 October 1874 in Jennings County, Indiana.

25. Elizabeth Jane Reynolds was born in Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio, 2 August 1835. She died there 19 February 1921.

26. David Coughenour was born 6 August 1820 in Augusta County, Virginia. He died in Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio, 14 April 1900. He married Rachel McCarty in Cheshire Township 20 October 1843.

27. Rachel McCarty was born in Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio, 4 February 1822 and died there 5 August 1896.

28. Joseph Bell was born about 31 December 1808 in Washington County, Ohio. He died in Clay Township, Gallia County, Ohio, 8 February 1886. He married Deborah Williamson in Marietta, Washington County, Ohio, 1 September 1839.

29. Deborah Williamson was born in what is now West Virginia on 15 July 1818. She died in Clay Township, Gallia County, Ohio, 28 April 1865.

30. John T. Irion was born 10 April 1836 in Clay Township, Gallia County, Ohio, and died in Gallipolis 10 March 1896. He married Mariah Louisa Poole 23 November 1857 in Gallia County.

31. Mariah Louisa Poole was born in Delaware County, Ohio, 24 June 1839. She died in Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio, 7 August 1924.

 Their birthplaces look like this:

Kentucky                 6
Ohio                        5
Virginia                    2
Pennsylvania            1
New York                1
(West) Virginia         1

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  1. Jean,

    I mentioned "That Dark and Bloody River" at the genealogy chat, but you might also want to check out the "Frontiersman" - both by Allan Eckert. Really well written narratives, but all based directly on historical documents, about the settlement of the Ohio River and Kentucky areas. The Frontiersman (which I am currently reading) focuses more on the Kentucky settlement and Simon Kenton. As an added bonus, he lists all the sources that each chapter is taken from, so maybe you will find a new lead!