Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday's Obituary: Charles Eckles, 1867

Rather than searching Kentucky newspapers at, one day a search for surname Eckles with a keyword of Kentucky provided a surpising item in a newspaper in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the exact date of death for Charles Eckles.
The DAR Library in Washington, DC, has a book* of transcribed funeral invitations from Scott and Fayette counties in Kentucky, where Charles lived. It includes one for him, ones for his two daughters and ones attributed to his four wives. The one for Charles indicates that he was buried on 02 Aug 1867 following services conducted by Rev. Wm. R. Brown at the Presbyterian Church in Georgetown, Scott County, Kentucky. The newspaper notice gives his date of death as the previous day. A man aged seventy-nine seems young to be the oldest person in that community, but certainly he was elderly. That he rated notice in Ohio might reflect his widow's Ohio origins.

The invitation to the funeral of Nancy Eckles who died in 1839 is said to be for his first wife. I think it more likely to have been his mother whose name may also have been Nancy. His first wife may have died much earlier after the births of two daughters about 1817 and in 1819. This will be the subject of another post.
* Dickore, Marie. Copies of Names on Invitations to Funerals and Burials In Scott County and Fayette County, Kentucky, 1821 - 1898. Cincinnati, Ohio:, 1942.

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